Sync Toy as a scheduled task


  • I am using synctoy 2.1 on winxp pro sp3.

    I use the following command in a scheduled task "C:\Program Files\SyncToy 2.1\SyncToyCmd.exe -R"

    The process appears to run normal and does not give any error messages. Once I check the files on the right folder they don't seem to update any new folders or files that were not in the original sync done by the gui. If I run synctoy from the gui it does a proper echo sync from left folder pair to right folder pair.

    Any ideas why all files and folders aren't beinging synced when using command line instead of the gui?

    2012년 2월 10일 금요일 오후 7:00

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  • Have exact same problem. the log says that it ran, but changed files are not there in my back drive.

    2012년 2월 12일 일요일 오후 4:12
  • After the "C:\Program Files\SyncToy 2.1\SyncToyCmd.exe -R" you need to put the name of the folder pair you want to run. IE "C:\Program Files\SyncToy 2.1\SyncToyCmd.exe -R My Documents"
    2012년 2월 21일 화요일 오전 12:12
  • I dont have the folder pair in the task because i want it to run multiple pairs of folders. If leave it as -R it will run all active folder pairs that are set up.
    2012년 2월 21일 화요일 오후 1:35