Sora SDK ver 1.6 is now available!

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  • We are pleased to announce the new release of Sora SDK ver 1.6 - the best Sora software we have released so far!

    You can download it from MSR Web site:

    Sora SDK ver 1.6 newly introduces following prominent features:

    • New UMX API. Sora SDK ver 1.6 introduces a new set of UMX
      API that is more flexible, secure and has better performance.
    • UMX Reflection. Sora SDK ver 1.6 now supports a new reflection mechanism that allows the
      programmer easily integrates the user-mode software radio modem into the
      Windows network stack.
    • Brick library. One most prominent feature in Sora SDK ver 1.6 is the Brick library. Brick is a
      modular programming library for high-performance digital signal processing. It is easy to program,
      flexible and highly extensible.
    • UMXSDRab. UMXSDRab is a powerful SDR 802.11 modem
      based on UMX reflection. It supports both client mode and adhoc mode. So it can
      easily connect to a commercial 802.11 AP or device. UMXSDRab has an easy-to-use
      interactive interface to configure and monitor the status of SDR modem
    • DbgPlot tool. DbgPlot is a versatile tool that allows a
      program to dynamically generate various graphics in real-time. It is a very
      useful tool for real-time monitoring or debugging DSP programs.

    For updated Sora manual, please find at

    The Brick Specification can be found at

    The DbgPlot manual can be found at

    Thank you and enjoy,

    Sora core team

    MSR Aisa

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