Deploying the framework to a shared host


  • I had troubles to deploy the framework to my host. Solution is working nicely on my local IIS, but not on my host. It's a shared host, with pretty limited remote controls. Since I am not an IIS expert, I stuggled a bit with few things that are probably quite obvious to someone with better IIS skills:

    1. The trust level of the account in the shared host is typically set to "medium". It must be set to "full" for Microsoft Sync Framework to work. 
    2. It is not possible to remotely install the Sync Framework to the web host.  This is quite problematic for the required com object that must be registered to the registry.
    3. The remote IIS app pool may be configured to “Enable 32-Bit Applications” which causes one additionnal surprise.

    It took me a little while to figure the whole thing out, but at the end got the solution working. I though I'd share my findings. I wrote a bit more explanations here. In the hope that it helps some newbies to get started!

    2012년 1월 10일 화요일 오후 8:51