IE7 homepage is locked to: http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink?/LinkId=69157


  • My homepage has locked to the above. I have changed the homepage via "tools-internet options -using various methods of change, but it just changes back. I have reinstalled IE7- no change. I got into this situation by choosing "keep my existing homepage" on a new installation of XP home. [there was no prior homepage] I am auto diverted to MSN, so the computer is usable. I have reinstalled windows and all is well until transfer my files and setting. [the home page & locked situation transfers also. This address comes from the "run once" screen at the intro to IE7.
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  • Mr. garyschaaf, it appears that you have taken to hacking into my account at comact not once but on more than one occasion as  your misosoft link leads you to my emails page.  I donot know if this is you means of communicating with a third party, if this is a "coincidence" or if this is your way of impressing others but I assure you that I am not ammused and the authorities will not be as they are presently investigating.  I truly hope that this is just amisunderstanding and we can all have a laugh about it as I am, admittedly a naive in these matters.  My friends in the Justice department, however, are not naives and will be in touch is they feel the need to do so.

    Sometimes there is such a thing as too much technology.  If this is all a strang coinsidence that your link ends up on my email account, they will find the true reason for it.

    Good day to you sir.


    2011년 1월 21일 금요일 오후 10:06
  • Lol!, What the hell are you smoking you wierdo??

    get back to your typewriter.

    2011년 2월 7일 월요일 오후 11:18