WHS 2011 cannot join Homegroup...


  • I have a homegroup running with 5 client PCs and I just finished installing/setting up my WHS 2011 server.


    Everything works fine with the exception of Homegroup. I know other peoole are having problems with homegroup's rights but my problem is that I cannot join the homegroup at all. it just gives me a message that joining a homegroup is having trouble and to try again later. Any ideas? I am trying to add the server through the Dashboard.



    2011년 5월 22일 일요일 오전 2:34

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  • Same problem here.  I wondered if it was because the WHS workgroup is different from the rest of the house.  I don't know if that matters though...
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    2011년 5월 27일 금요일 오전 7:18