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  • Trying to convert mpeg video file (70MB) to.ts file. System is Windows XP 128MB RAM 320GB HD (partitioned to 4 drives) intel processor 3.2Mhz.

    Software I am using works without a hitch on my laptop but desk top is the problem (6yrs old now!!). Have converted /made many home movies,  (4.3GB files) on desk top without any problems. Plenty of room still on Hard Drive. have tried turning off Antivirus, internet connection, created even more room on C drive now have spare 40GB available, 120GB spare on F Drive and 60GB on D Drive. Also shutdown everything I can think of other than that is required to do with video file.


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  • You are off topic for these forums and so shouldn't be posting here.  Try the forums that support the video conversion software you are attempting to use.

    That's barely enough RAM (128MB) to run the Windows XP operating system, let alone perform video conversion which is usually a highly memory intensive task.  It doesn't matter how much disk space you have if there isn't enough RAM.  Again, check the specs and/or recommendations of the software, this is where your problem lies.  I'll bet your laptop is newer and has far more RAM installed?


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