Limit of Live mesh ?


  • Hi, what is the limit of Live Mesh P2P Sync.

    I am Using a Windows 7 PC and a Mac OS X 10.6 MacBook. I would like to sync two main big folders between this two computers:

    1. Main Folder has 85,7 GB 11.737 Files, 5.203 Subfolders.

    2. Main Folder has 90 GB 91.726 Files, 31.019 Subfolders.

    I copied both folders manual over the network to both computers. After this I setup live mesh. Live mesh tries to sync for weeks now and never finished.

    Is it too big for live mesh ? With how much data can live mesh max. work ? Or did I something wrong ?

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    If you are using Live Mesh beta, www.mesh.com, you need to remove it and install Windows Live Mesh.


    For peer to peer sync, the sync should work, but if Windows Live Mesh sees these files as different in any way, they need to copy over the network. On a local LAN this will still take quite some time. If the PC are not on the same LAN segment, it would take considerably longer.


    For discussion of the new Windows Live Mesh (formerly Sync), (as well as the released Live Sync version) go here:




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