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  • Hey guys,

    I whipped up togheter an Add-In for WHS that displays the Windows Event Logs (a la Event Viewer) in the Home Server Console. I ran into some problems and needed to monitor the event viewer thru RDC, so instead I created this Add-In. I thought others could find it useful too, so here it is.

    You can choose which log to monitor, filter the entries (Show All, Warnings, Errors, etc.) and clear the logs. I created an installer (.msi), just put it in your WHS shared \\servername\Software\Add-Ins folder, then in the console, go to Settings, Add-Ins, Available, and click Install on the Even Viewer Add-In entry. Restart the console and it should be there.

    It's available here

    Thanx to Terry Walsh for hosting the Add-In.

    Any comment/suggestion is welcome.
    2007년 12월 29일 토요일 오전 5:21

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  • Hi Benjamin


    I can host the file for you over at - let me know if this works for you.


    Best wishes


    2007년 12월 29일 토요일 오전 8:17
  • Hi Terry,

    It would be great, thank you!

    2007년 12월 29일 토요일 오후 3:33
  • OK, it can be downloaded straight off the add-ins page at WGS now....


    Best wishes



    2007년 12월 29일 토요일 오후 11:06
  • I would like to request that you consider adding an option to display the event number, so that your program will support WHS System Event Monitor.




    2008년 3월 10일 월요일 오전 4:33
  • Hey

    I have updated the Event Viewer Add-In with a few bug fixes as well as new features.
    You can grab the new version at


    2008년 5월 9일 금요일 오후 3:09
  • I am trying out WHS for a small network of desktops. I have installed the WHS software on each machine (what is that software called? Agent? Client?) and it backs up the data to the HP WHS with no problems.

    Would this add in let me remotely monitor the backup process? There's a remote notification add-in, but that emails whenever the heath icon changes color - not necessarily for when the backup runs / fails (backup from desktop to WHS and / or whs to the external hard drive). I'd like something that notifies daily or after each backup of each machine (the instance I am thinking about has 3 PCs). Otherwise, if it only notifies on failure, then you aren't looking for it and may miss that lone email. Or if the server dies and stops emailing out, the backups are failing and you aren't getting notified.

    People were talking about how WHS is better than shadow protect, but without this notification, I don't think so?

    Any advice would be appreciated!

    2010년 3월 23일 화요일 오후 1:19
  • With the introduction of Power Pack 3, Windows Home Server reports server health (including backup status for client computers) in a file which is updated regularly, health.xml. Sam Wood has documented the format/contents of this file over here. I'm not aware of any Windows Home Server add-ins or third party tools that will e.g. email this file out on a daily basis, but using the information Sam has provided, one could create such a tool relatively easily.


    The information you're looking for is also exposed in the Windows Home Server console, of course, which is where Microsoft generally expects the target audience for the product to get information about the state of their home networks.

    I'm not on the WHS team, I just post a lot. :)
    2010년 3월 23일 화요일 오후 2:32
  • Adding to what Ken says there is an Add-In called WHS Health which provides the health.xml information in a nicer format for viewing in a web browser:



    2010년 3월 23일 화요일 오후 4:24
  • Hello Benjamin,

    Thanks for the nice add-in !

    Would it be possible to have the divider between the events list and the event details being implemented as a slider so I could enlarge the event details view (quite) a bit ?

    And maybe even add a filter option on event source ? Preferably by letting the user type some case insensitive string into a textbox which the event source must contain.


    2011년 9월 27일 화요일 오후 7:55