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  • Welcome to the Windows Academic Program (WAP) Windows Research Kernel (WRK) forum. The WRK is a package of the core Windows XP x64/Server 2003 SP1 kernel source code with an environment for building and testing experimental versions of the Windows kernel for use in teaching and research. The WRK is only available to those involved in core OS teaching and research at accredited universities worldwide; therefore, they are the forum’s primary audience. This forum is dedicated to questions and discussions specifically related to the WRK source code and build environment. We encourage those engaged in OS teaching and research to post research project descriptions, questions, or general discussions related to the WRK. This forum is where the WAP community can share ideas and answers questions regarding innovative research using the WRK source code.

    For more information about the WRK, please see the WRK homepage.

    For general operating system or development questions unrelated to the WRK, please use your favorite general OS or development forums or newsgroups.

    Finally -- as moderators we try to keep spam and inflammatory comments out of the forums.  However if you do catch something that we missed, don't hesitate to use the “Report Abuse” button so that we can keep the forums on-topic and a friendly place to go for innovative WRK research!

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