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  • Hi,

    I bought a laptop from a local computer man a couple years ago and he bought the Microsoft Office Package and installed it for me. By accident the screen on that computer broke and I need the Office Package to do my school work. I bought a new laptop a couple days ago and was wondering how would I go about in transfering it over to my new computer since I don't have anything to go with?


    2011년 6월 22일 수요일 오후 1:10

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  • Its nice to hear about your new laptop. :)

    Wish you best of luck for working with it.

    You will have to purchase new Microsoft Office CD for your new laptop, or you can get your old laptop's screen repaired or talk to the computer technicians if they can take-out the hard drive and copy the package to your new laptop... (best will be purchasing new CD)



    2011년 11월 22일 화요일 오후 5:50
  • if possible just exchange the hard drive
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