.rar file and other corruption


  • has anyone else experienced .rar file corruption? every time i download a .rar file to the server and then try to extract it, it'll say there's missing or broken files.

    sometimes i can tell it to keep broken files and it'll work, other times it wont extract at all

    it's gotten to the point where i can't really store anything on the server without it becomming corrupt...sometimes even non .rar files

    for instance, a lot of my ripped music which was fine on my XP/Vista machines now randomly stop and restart themselves.

    any suggestions?
    maandag 3 maart 2008 0:05

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  • Microsoft has requested that people who believe they are experiencing file corruption contact them at whsforum at microsoft dot com. This is particularly important if you have a reliable way to reproduce the issue, but they want to hear from you anyway.
    maandag 3 maart 2008 4:44
  • after a lot of testing, the only criteria i've found for corrupting data 100% of the time is to download things directly to the server via the network share link on the desktop (\\server\software)

    if i use another computer to download the data intially, and then transfer the data via my LAN, no corruption occurs.

    the only problem i have with doing this is that i now have to have 2 computers on in order to download things reliably to my home server.

    maandag 3 maart 2008 22:23