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  • Just FYI, OneCare is routinely allowing viruses (about one per week) into my computer.  It is also unable to find them once they are in.  Firewall is up, and all updates and .  It worked perfectly for over a year, and now I have to run a free antivirus program  (Avira) to cover where OneCare is leaving off.

    I don't expect a reply, but just wanted you to know.
    donderdag 14 januari 2010 2:02


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  • This really shouldn't be happening. I suggest contacting support for help. How to reach support - http://social.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/onecareinstallandactivate/thread/30400b52-7f26-4ba0-bc18-17e305329d90

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    donderdag 14 januari 2010 3:51
  • Additionally, you should not be running two antivirus programs concurrently.

    You should never have more than one security product installed on the PC providing active protection/scanning. This can cause performance issues, system instability, and can hinder the effectiveness of both products at providing protection.


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    donderdag 14 januari 2010 13:21