Forums 4 - Release 20 - September 30th

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  • High level Forums changes include:



    ·         New infrastructure for sending email notifications users have subscribed to. More information about that change is here:

    ·         Including surveys on MSDN and TechNet English forums. This is a random survey, a handful of users should expect to see each month via javascript popups

    ·         Updates to search engine optimization to support new Bing Bot user agent

    ·         Bug fixes


    NOTE:  There was also a forums SE release that took place 9/15/2010 and included the following updates:

    ·         Update to default IE9 beta requests into IE8 Compatibility mode

    ·         Bug fix to revert previous changes, enabling “Last Reply” links in forums to function again

    ·         Enabling of the MVP Themed Private Forums

    Community Forums Program Manager
    vrijdag 1 oktober 2010 0:50