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  • Dear Microsoft,

    I need to log in on my Email on my Computer with my old password, because it my pasword of my Gmail account also. (What i forgot)
    I just need my mails i have send to emplyees. I saved my Password on my Windows Phone 7.5 (LG optimus 7.5), so i can still log in on my phone. But i can't find the password and i really need it. Is their are possibility, you guys can see my old password and just mail it to that mail adress?

    If you need prove, its my mail. Just send me a feedback formular from this forum or something to the email sander_rombout1988@hotmail.com, so i anwer it from my phone. If you can help me, i really appreciate it, its really importants for me. Makes it so much easier for me.

    Kinds regards,
    Sander Rombout

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