backup failing from SSD-based Windows 7 machine - Insufficient Storage


  • Backup is working ok, except from my SSD-based Win7 machine, where it always fails saying 'Insufficient storage available for backup'



    Machine Details:

    Windows 7 machine: 37.3GB free of 74.4GB

    Partition details:

    System Reserved: 100MB NTFS, System, Active, Primary Partition

    C: 74.43GB NTFS, Boot, Page File, Crash Dump, Primary Partition

    WHS Vail server: System disk - 45GB free of 60GB

    Server storage 536GB free of 930GB

    Other PCs backup ok.

    10 czerwca 2010 13:33


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  • Could you file a bug on Connect, with logs from your server and the client that's failing to back up?

    I'm not on the WHS team, I just post a lot. :)
    10 czerwca 2010 14:59
  • hmm, seems it was trying to backup the 100MB partition. I unchecked that and it fixed the problem.

    I do have a different problem now though - the backup agent has twice now caused BSODs on my laptop (Vaio Z820G/B) - irql_not_less_or_equal is the status code.

    20 czerwca 2010 23:39
  • Did you ever create a bug on this?  I have a Windows 7 workstation that will not allow System Reserved to be backed up.  I also have a SSD for my main system drive, maybe that has something to do with it?  Has anyone successfully setup backups for a client with a SSD for the system volumes?
    29 maja 2011 19:21
  • I have no problem with WHS2011 RC and SSDs. In fact, it creates aligned partitions when restoring from an unaligned backup - important to get the maximum speed from your SSD. I have used it to change system disks on two W7 computers from HDD to SSD,
    30 maja 2011 02:16
  • I have also a Windows 7 client with an SSD as system drive.

    No errors that I know of in backups.
    Haven't performed any kind of restore though.

    WHS 2011 RTM coming alive, taking over WHS v.1 duties.
    30 maja 2011 09:31