Can a cookie be set to allow for a customized view?

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  • Could there be a cookie tracking option so that you could set YOUR view and then no matter what url you hit just get that view?

    Another option would be customized CSS.   E.g. that  View, Style,...  thing put to good use instead of just silly workarounds and diagnostics.    Also, I think users might be able to craft their own CSS overrides and then use the Accessibility dialog's User Style Sheet option.  One problem with that option apparently is that security changes mean that you can't use scripting in them, which would make it more challenging to provide a general solution.   So, then maybe we could have some automation via Favorites Bar buttons whereby an override CSS file was set before opening a particular Favorite?   Then there might be a problem with undoing it in order to go somewhere else without strange consequences.   ;  )


    21 lutego 2012 04:10