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  • Hello.

    I just wanted to ask Is this even legal.

    I paid for this pathetic trash of Windows 10, I pay regularly to my ISP every month on time, and now some process is taking away all mine internet speed, leaving me on like 200kb/s ...

    Problem is persistent already 24h+

    I tried literally everything, from manually turning off windows update to all kind of cmd commands (including resetting router, switching cable, reseting pc, some basic things ... no needed to mention)

    Nothing helps, he still draining all mine internet speed

    Most retarded part is this, when the problem came up I was playing online video game trough Steam (game is Trove)

    So problem occurred full randomly, 0 logic.

    Anyway what is even logic, speaking of this whole pathetic trash of "gaming" Windows 10, filled with useless junk of applications and nonsense trash services that only brainless american kids could use.

    If someone want xbox experience he would simply buy xbox and play it games, PC should stay PC, not platform full of idiotic applications, nonsense processes that causing random problems, after all, just like this one, mine.

    But after all I can't really blame Microsoft, obv there is bunch of uncreative wannabe "smart" people, trying to make something inovative in tech world, with Windows, while they making it just worse over the years, since Windows 8 - filling Windows with retarded useless aplications and brainless proceses.

    Whoever is in charge in Microsoft and making big decisions, I must say ur bad as much in making tech decisions as well as in making profit decisions one, Windows can be fully optimized for hardcore gamers and still make profit of it, but ur just to dumb to relize how, classic case when few brainless people have tons of money and running some of the largest companies

    Greetings, I guess

    czwartek, 5 lipca 2018 19:23