70-642 Lab Setup Virtualization


  • Hi and Thankyou to anyone reading this thread.

    I am a novice user and have the training kit for 70-642. Stuck on Chapter 1 the first exercises.

    Have setup my Virtual machines with static IP addresses, have created an exception for ICMP by turning on file and printer sharing. Have enabled Virtualization in the Bios, can't ping either VM from either guest and can't ping VM from the Host. Have enabled DHCP and getting timeout message, APIPA getting error message request timed out also.

    The error message is destination host is unreachable when trying to ping Virtual machines from each other.

    When trying to ping guest from host getting request timed out.

    Have set up subnet mask of




    Thankyou very much for reading this thread.

    29 lutego 2012 23:11