how to convert .TS files to mpeg2 ? RRS feed

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  • I all,
    anyone known how to convert a .TS file to mpeg?
    could you possibly help me in performing this task??
    Thank you
    sexta-feira, 28 de agosto de 2009 15:16

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  • Do you want help progamming a tool that does that? or are you just seaching for a tool that does that? If you're programming fetch the format specifications of both formats and see for your self what it would take,if you just want a tool that does it , google! there's plenty around.
    sexta-feira, 28 de agosto de 2009 15:22
  • A transport stream is mpeg.  Render it in Graphedt and replace the video renderer with a file writer.  Your tuner should be able to save the stream as a file.

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    sexta-feira, 28 de agosto de 2009 15:59
  • For Ts files video, you need a converter software such as www.converttsfiles.com , they transform ts videos to some common video formats you watch.
    quinta-feira, 3 de abril de 2014 12:26

  • In case you have not solved the problem. I suggest you use some onlie file converters. You can search online conevrter, and you will get many answers. If have a lof of TS files to convert, you can try some desktop programs, such as Joyoshare Video Converter. It can convert TS to MPEG2 in batch and losslessly. 

    segunda-feira, 6 de janeiro de 2020 11:52