Japanese Text to Speech Conversion


  • I want to convert japanese text to speech using microsoft speech sdk 5.1. I have found there 5 kinds of voices including simplified chinese. Chinese text to speech works fine.

    foreach (ISpeechObjectToken Token in speech.GetVoices(string.Empty, string.Empty))
    string str = Token.GetDescription(49).ToString();
    if (str.Equals("Microsoft Simplified Chinese"))
    speech.Voice = speech.GetVoices(string.Empty, string.Empty).Item(3);//Item(cmbVoices.SelectedIndex);
    // Populate the ComboBox Entries ..

    In the documentation of Microsoft speech sdk I have found that the sdk supports Japanese text.

    How can i convert Japanese text to speech?
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    quarta-feira, 9 de fevereiro de 2011 04:04