Power Automate - delete a row when no Key Value available (fields have different names/emails, or are blank) RRS feed

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  • I am creating a Form where the responses are used to update an existing excel spreadsheet.  I know I cannot overwrite data in the fields (or can I?), so I am having to delete the rows in the tables, then add the row with the updates.  I have 4 tables to do this.  Currently, I am able to delete 3 of them, as the data contained in those 3 are standard (location name, number, and role).  I cannot seem to find a function for the 4th table that will either 1) allow me to overwrite the data in that field (person's name or email, or blank) or 2) delete that row so that another row with the results of the form question would be placed (person's name or email).  Each time I run the test without deleting, the submission appears below the row I need it to.  I'm sure this is because the row above is not being deleted.  Now, the row I need to delete either has data already in it, but varies per row (different names or email addresses), or is blank.

    What is the best way to get this to work without having to submit an exact Key Value for this (as it will be different for each function)?

    Thank you for your responses.  I look forward to any assistance.

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