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    I'm not sure what the most appropiate forum for this post is, but this one seemed like my best bet from the options I could see, feel free to move somewhere more appropiate...

    I am running an automated build process that builds a large number of solutions on 5 different platforms, via Visual Studio. However, sometimes the build hangs, when it does this DW20.exe is always running, when I end task DW20.exe the build process seems to carry on as usual. I've tried disabling doctor watson by deleting various registry keys (as suggested by MSDN), and also disabled error reporting (as suggested via various websites), however devenv still manages to spawn dw20.exe and hang.

    Can anyone suggest something I can do to fix this? Ideally I don't want Visual Studio to crash at all (naturally) but if it is going to crash I'd rather it simply did, so the automated build process can 'fail' and then be re-executed, rather than requiring manual steps of killing off builds that have hanged and reissue them.

    Many thanks,

    segunda-feira, 10 de novembro de 2008 15:25

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  • It's looking like no-one here has the answer, in which case, does anyone know a better place I can pose this question? Some sort of MS technical support?

    quarta-feira, 12 de novembro de 2008 12:05