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  • I was trying to uninstall an application called File Downloader that kept sending a request to update the application so i tried to stop it all together since i have no use for it. So as i was doin' that i started to open the respective parts of the application and one of the parts opened with the Windows Wordpad and during this operation i don't know why as i got back to the Working Area (desktop?) almost all of my precious programs and the icones in the task bar turned up with an icon of Wordpad and allthough they kept the names they all open a wordpad with lots of strange programing kind of characters and by the third or fourth line the phrase: this program doesn't run on DOS etc. I'm really in a big "pickle" since i don't know enough about computers to solve this kind of problem and i don´t have any kind of safety copy of the stuff i've instaled or the operative system (Windows 7). If someone could help me with this i'd be really Thankfull at this moment.  
    • Movido Richard RundleMicrosoft employee quarta-feira, 3 de outubro de 2012 00:23 Windows 7 question, not an App Controller question. (From:App Controller - General)
    segunda-feira, 1 de outubro de 2012 00:18

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  • Hi Pedro,

    Please ask this question in the Windows Answers forum where there is a community who can help you resolve this issue.

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    quarta-feira, 3 de outubro de 2012 00:22