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  • We are facing a problem in our network.
    There is one pc that suddenly its outlook re-downloaded all email messages from the server.
    The next day same thing happen; i.e. outlook started to download again all messages from the server!
    did any one face the same problem? What could be the reason? antivirus is not indicating any virus!
    other symptoms we noticed in this particular pc on the network are: overload in svc services i.e. some svc in taskbar consume too much of memory and processor
    another thing is suddently internet is no more available in this pc
    we appreciate any help or advice and thank you in advanced
    • Movido edhickeyModerator segunda-feira, 23 de agosto de 2010 14:57 (From:.NET 3.0/3.5 Windows Workflow Foundation)
    domingo, 22 de agosto de 2010 10:52

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  • Hello , 

    Thank you for your post!  Unfortunately I am not able to determine which forum is best suited for your question at hand.  Can you provide me a little more detail in regards to the operating system you are currently using? 

    Thanks & regards,

    Siddharth Chavan Tier II Application Support Server and Tools Online Operations Team.
    terça-feira, 24 de agosto de 2010 05:47