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  • Hi Forum,

    C#, Crystal Reports 2008, Model: embedded CrystalViewer / ReportDocument

    I have the following Problem:
    • I want to print to our NetworkPrinter or a local printer.
      Crystal seems not to use PageSettings from CrystalReports - but from somewhere else. Because the Printout at the paper is shifted a few cm in direction to the top and to the right.

    Facts (I tried already):
    • Printing the same Report with Crystal Designer or
      • Printout is ok.
    • Crystal Viewer from BusinessObjects.
      • Printout is ok.
    • If I print a Report to freePDF.
      • Printout is ok
    Workarounds (I know already):
    • In CrystalReports Designer: Set Pagesettings to 0 or at least a very low value and put the distance in the report itself.
      • Printout is ok.
    • In CrystalReports Designer:
      • Install Microsoft Document Image Writer (comes with Office) and safe the Report with that printer choosen.
      • At least in my Testenvironment, print the Report choose a real-life printer...
      • Looking at printerSettings in the Printer Option Dialog i recognize the paperformat is letter
      • The local Printer is set up for A4 format, so i go to the printer and ignore warning "please insert letter Paper into the printer"
      • Printout is ok.

    I also tried to overwrite the Margins of System.Drawings.Printing.PrinterSettings and PageSettings without Success.

    Does anyone else have some good idea?

    thx Sebastian
    sexta-feira, 20 de fevereiro de 2009 12:08

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  • Version of Businesobjects Files
    The dll's from Busines Objects (CRViewer.dll, prompt.dll, etc.) comes in Version 12.0 also the MergeModules i used for the installer...

    In my BusinessObjects Directory it says Crystal Report 12 in the common Directory of Business Objects it says 4.0 ...

    Another Workaround
    I already got out, that the printer Problem does not occur at the devleoper-Client, if i install  Crystal Reports 2008 with Visual Studio Components and Visual Studio 2008. (I always thought i should additionaly install the mergemodules)...

    I used the print Button which comes with CRViewer object under CSharp in the Namespace CrystalDecisions.CrystalReports.Engine as well as the ReportDocument Object to manipulate the PrintOptions...

    There is still a Problem left ...
    If i use the MergeModules (Version 12.0) to install Crystal Reports at a NON-Developer-Client with my exe-Programm the Reports are still printed with a wrong scale at the printer. (a few more cm in dierection Right and Top)
    segunda-feira, 23 de fevereiro de 2009 14:52