I need a Suggestion.

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  • Hello to all!

    I dont know whether this is the best place to ask this question but If anyone can give me some thoughts.

    I needed to invoke some exe from AIR (Adobe Integrated Run Time) but cannt do that in AIR as it restricts to do that. so I tried an intermediate application (made in .net)which runs as windows service, to invoke that exe.

    I need some suggestions. Is this solution ok? or If someone can suggest me better solution.
    quarta-feira, 31 de dezembro de 2008 05:52

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  • Thanks for the posting.  This is not the correct forum for your question.   I think that you might get better assistance from Adobe's community forums.

    Hongwei Sun -MSFT
    quarta-feira, 31 de dezembro de 2008 17:31