Strange WHS Connector/Console Problem


  • I'm looking for help resolving an issue I'm having with my HP MediaSmart server (EX487). It's currently running WHS v1. I can install and run the connector software just fine - it's running backups on all of the PCs on my home network nightly, and I can access all of my shared folders with no problem. But, when I start the Home Server Console, the connection is made, but I end up with a screen that is the server's desktop rather than the console. When I start the console program, I get the typical console window that asks for my password. I can enter the password and the system will connect with the server (although it takes a LONG time), but when it does, I get the same screen I get if I RDP into the server using the Remote Desktop Connection on my Windows 7 PC, complete with the warnings about accessing the server directly. Up until a few weeks ago, I'd get the console, and it would load very fast. I'm not aware of any changes on the system that I've made through new add-ins or programs, although it does appear that Windows has done some updates in that timeframe. Any assistance on this would be greatly appreciated.
    24 februarie 2012 15:27