• I love the NoReply button. Best thing since sliced bread! :)

    So, along this same line, sometimes you have to send and email to MANY people internally and usually the first thing you get (at least during the summer) is a FLOOD of Out Of Office replies? Is there a meta tag to control this? Would love to be able to send an email with "NoReplyAll" & "NoOOO" so I would only get replies the recipient actually sent in response to the message. I noticed that the "NoReply" had no effect on the OOO function (which is usually good).

    4 august 2011 16:53

Toate mesajele

  • The add-in relies on something recognising and acting on a flag in the email to indicate that reply, etc. is disabled. Outlook happens to respond to this by disabling the bits that let a user send a reply - as far as I'm aware, nothing else pays any attention to the flag. For the automatic OOO replies, I guess they must be processed within the mail server, over which we have no control.

    I'm not aware of anything in the email that would indicate definitively that it's an OOO message to latch on to (but I'll have to examine one closely when I next get one, just on case).

    5 august 2011 06:05