Please do not use waitable timers. So I can sleep in peace.


  • Minor request, although I don't believe it will be honored. Smile

    The demigrator process "performs" every 1/2 hour by using a waitable timer.  This prevents the WHS from being put into standby or hibernate mode for any period longer than a 1/2 hour.

    Could the demigrator process use a different timer to perform its functionality?

    I've written a add in that standbys, hibernates or shuts my WHS machine down at night and wakens (except from shutdown) it in the morning.  Since the WHS machine wakes up every 1/2 hour from standby & hibernate I've had to incorporate logic to shutdown the computer after a few minutes of non activity from the demigrator & backup processes.  I'd really prefer it if the machine simple stayed in standby/hibernate as nothing on disk has changed while it is in s3/s4 states.


    25 februarie 2008 08:35