XMPP gateway - Openfire


  • Hi,

    I'm trying to setup a XMPP Gateway role to connect to an Openfire XMPP server.

    I've strictly followed the documentation and http://communicationsserverteam.com/archive/2009/10/02/620.aspx
    Nothing difficult, regarding network dumps servers try to connect to each other, exchange streams but it fails.

    I've tried TCP-dialback and TLS authentication (certificates are correct, CA are trusted, DNS are ok etc...)

    Using OCSlogger in full debug mode does not give interesting informations.

    Does anyone have tried this configuration ?

    14 octombrie 2009 16:32

Toate mesajele

  • Have you tried validating the gateway from the edge server?  Does it provide any errors?
    15 octombrie 2009 16:52
  • I step by step instructions available. I have the same issue. MS xmpp is running ok but somehting to do in Openfire cinfiguration.
    17 octombrie 2009 13:52
  • In fact I have tested the same configuration with Google Talk and this is working.

    Seems to be a problem from Openfire :/
    29 octombrie 2009 16:03