• The default WDS server installed on HPC server 2008 is only Transport server. Is it possible to install Deployment server also and configure it.



    5 iunie 2008 23:58


Toate mesajele


    I think you should be able to do this from Server Manager.  We only install the Transport since that's the only piece you need to run with our deployment tools, but I don't think there's any harm in installing the whole thing if you have other tools you want to use for deployment.



    6 iunie 2008 00:25
  • Yes, it can be installed but can not be configured successfully. If I uninstall the HPC pak which means on the pue server 2008, the Deployment server can be installed and configured with no problem.



    6 iunie 2008 00:44
  • could you provide more details on the specific scenario that you want to enable by installing the WDS deployment role?



    10 iunie 2008 23:31
  • Hi Parmita,

    The goal is to be able to install nodes in an environment where the DHCP server on the subnet is managed by another system.  I think all that should be necessary to support this is to disable DHCP on windows 2008 server and configure it such that it does not answer PXE requests.  (The existing DHCP server is already configured to send install requests to the windows 2008 server when nodes are PXE booted, so it is not necessary for windows server to actively respond during PXE process).


    One piece of background: on windows 2003 we were able to configure it this way using the WDS administration gui and selecting (from memory) "Don't respond to PXE requests".




    11 iunie 2008 21:17

    HPC Server 2008 shipped in September 2008, so I'm going through and marking all questions in the beta forum as 'answered'.

    25 martie 2009 23:54