Why can't I play my music library via Remote Web Access in IE9?


  • When I access my WHS 2011 via the Remote Web Access site using IE9, click my Music library, and select some album or tracks to play, the pop-up player window appears and just freezes. After a few seconds, I get a "page not responding" error and the whole browser window locks up. This generally happens at work. At home, I can access the library just fine. Haven't had an opportunity to test elsewhere yet. I've tried using compatibility mode, but the results are the same. I'm thinking it has something to do with our ISA proxy server at work, but here's the weird thing...I can access the library using Chrome and it plays just fine.

    Checking my IE LAN settings, I have it set to automatically detect settings.

    I'd really prefer to use IE as my default browser. Any ideas?

    - Greg
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  • Not sure what is causing this.
    FYI: Using IE9  should not be the problem as it works for me.

     - Theo.


    No home server like Home Server
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