Presence/Status Not Updating After 'Away'


  • I've deployed two OC clients thus far.  The IM/Sharing etc seems to be working fine and presence is updating in Outlook 2007 fine too, however OC is not detecting when we return to our computers after it sets us as 'away'.  I can be merrily typing away (like now) and it thinks I've been away for the last 30 minutes.  We are able to change our presence/status to something else manually just fine and it will detect us as 'away' normally - just wont return is back to 'available'. 

    I have our server connected to our phone system and when we are on a call it changes the presence from 'away' to 'on call' and then back to 'available' as I would expect - just seems to struggle to get out of 'away' to 'available' based on activity. 

    Is this normal?
    29 กรกฎาคม 2552 16:37