make audio call with UCMA 2.0


  • Hi,
    My environment is OCS R2 integrated with Nortel CS1000 PBX.
    I start to work with UCMA 2.0. My basic application make a call using following method:
     _audioVideoCall.BeginEstablish(_calledParty, null, EndCallEstablish, _audioVideoCall); 
    the problem is with callback method, EndCallEstabilish. If _calledParty is a SIP URI (Example: sip:user1@pilot.local) all work correctly, when user1 answer the event EndCallEstablish is fired. But if the _calledParty is a phone number (Example: sip:+441234xxx@pilot.local) the phone ring, but when I answer nothing appens, the event EndCallEstablish is not fired.

    Some one had experience about this issue?
    Thanks and Kind Regards,

    25 สิงหาคม 2552 15:44


  • Hello,

    I have found the solution, need to indicate that the target is a phone. 
    The destination number must be in the following format:
    and then it work.


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