[WHS 2011] Can't set up domain name


  • Hello

    I have some problems to set up the domain name on WHS 2011. I'm trying since 2 days but I can't get it working.

    I created a email account (well I would have prefered a, it works, I can connect to it with a web browser. But with the domain set up wizard from WHS 2011, it doesn't work. It says:

    "The user name or password is incorrect. Retype yout user name and password"

    But I'm sure, the data I filled in the form are correct, there are no doubts.

    With my address it works. I can't understand.


    Any ideas how to solve the problem?

    Additional question.

    Does the generated certificate contains information like name ou email address of the Live ID account?



    Thank you.


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  • I found the problem.


    I can't believe it. I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!

    The WHS work and documentation management continue to disappoint me.


    The online help says:

    ensure that your Windows Live ID password contains only characters that the server supports. The server does not support use of the characters $, /, ', and %.

    I had none of those especial characters. But WHS seems not to like the character & neither. Add it to list in the online help please, it could be usefull for other people.


    At the same time you should correct another error that you have in the online help about the WHS 2011 answer file (cfg.ini):


    It's not:





    Forums are crowded of people complaining that their answer files didn't work.


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