"File Conflict" warnings incorrectly displayed for files within a mounted folder. Is is possible to disable these incorrect warnings on WHS V1?


  • I'm developing an add-in which supports WHS V1.  The add-in will create a mounted folder.  The problem is that after some amount of time sitting idle the WHS Console will add a "file conflict" warning to the Console's Home Network Health for every file within the mounted folder.

    Note, this issue occurs outside of my add-in (I can reproduce this issue by simple creating a mounted folder on WHS V1 using the MS Disk Manager from within Computer Manager) but I need some method to disable these warnings so I can complete development of my add-in.  Yes, I want to support both WHS V1 and WHS 2011.

    My question is: does anyone know how I can disable "file conflict" warnings in a specific folder?  Or, better yet, a method to fix these incorrect warnings?



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