Fujitsu Primergy mx130 s1 device driver


  • I was installing Windows Home Server on the Fujitsu Primergy mx130, it finished the main installation and went to the desktop were it continued,an error message came up saying

    A network device driver was not found install the appropriate drivers for your network device and the restart your server .

    it then had an error message on the Ethernet controller properties which said

    The drivers for this device are not installed (code28)

    do i need a driver and if so where can i get it from, i have the Fujitsu Primergy mx130 s1.

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  • Yes you need a Network driver - you will not find a WHS2011 version so use Windows Server 2008 R2 drivers. The Fujitsu site lists 3 potential network chipsets for your server - find which you have and use the 64-bit R2 drivers for it. Failing that use each of the 3 above until one works.

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