Screen lock issues when using live meeting and OCS


  • Hi everyone,

    We are having a problem with our Live Meetings and OCS videos.

    If our users are in a video meeting and the idle threshold for the screensaver (set by group policy as ten minutes) is passed the machine locks itself.

    When we unlock the machine the video feed is lost (audio is still connected) and the users have to drop out and then renter the meeting to re-establish video.

    Setting the machines to the 'Presentation' power configuration is not a viable fix for us because of the risk of users walking away from machines and leaving their machine unlocked all day. We also do not want the users to be able to configure their own power settings.

    Does anyone know of a way (without using third party apps that simulate a mouse or keyboard input) to stop the screen from locking?

    Media player has an option that allows you to temporarily disable the screen saver. Does anyone know of a way to implement this with OCS and live meeting.

    Thanks in advance!

    11 กุมภาพันธ์ 2552 14:33