Forums 4 - Release 25 - February 17

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  • Releases for December (#23) and January (#24) were minimal in scope and impact. February release #25 (2/17) contains mostly bugs fixes. High level descriptions below:

    • Stability Improvements: We have addressed some of the higher volume back end server errors. This should help with overall stability performance.
    • Performance: We have started addressing the higher priority bugs around the html, css, images and javascript the application sends down to the browsers. While we still have work to do on the server and database, these client cache performance fixes should help in the area of performance.

    Other notable bug fixes in this release:

    • Blank Error Dialogs: When users post edits or modify a thread using the moderator tooling, if the 'reason' text was not included, the user would get an unintuitive client side error dialog, not helping them understand why the error happened. This is corrected in the release.
    • Branding Issues on some Sharepoint Forums:  Some sharepoint forums were not retaining their proper context and branding so a user could start out in a sharepoint tech/dev center and end up out in the wrong context.
    • Voting -1 Issue: Before this release users sometimes found the voting buttons sending them to a voting page with a checkbox and submit which would decrement the voting totals.
    • Character Encoding on Reason Text: The thread and post history sometimes render characters incorrectly.
    • Proposed Answer Undo: Users sometimes make mistakes proposing an answer or make a mistake and want to change it back. Until this release, this was not possible.
    • Locked Thread Icons:  Locked forum threads now have locked icons next to threads so users are more aware of the locked state of the forum they are in.
    • Search Refinements Fixes: This release address issues with the search refinements and removing refinements from the search by clicking the (x) next to the refinement link.

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    17 Şubat 2011 Perşembe 22:35