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  • Hi Forum,

    We are on Dynamics 365 on-premise version.

    I am trying to export bulk data for a entity, modify it and importing back into the CRM but having issue with the lookup fields.

    Below is a scanario: (Please see attacehed image for exported dummy data)

    1. I have Entity called : Vehical

    2. Vehical entity form has 3 lookups. 1- Vehical Category , 2- Vehical type , 3- Vehical maker (3 diferent entities)

    Above 3 lookups have 1 to many relationshop with each other. i. e  Vehical Category has 1 to N with Vehical 2 and Vehical 2 has 1 to N with Vehical 3.

    Now, after exporting if I make a change at Vehical Maker column (replacing Toyota with Volvo) then I get import error saying "duplicate reference could not be resolved" - which is understnadable because import has found 2 Volvo entries.

    My question is how to get over this limitaion that after export-update-import cycle , CRM can idenity that I know which Volvo record you are trying to import. One way of doing this is to concatinating 'Vehical Maker' and 'Vehical Type' into the separate field and use that field as a unique identifier. Problem is while importing back, CRM doens't ask for to map the fields from source to target as it is smart enough to find which type of records(Vehical in this case) user is trying to import. (this option we get while importing brand new records into the CRM but not while trying to import modified exported records back)

    Any input would be greatly appreciated. 

    Thanks for reading.


    Montag, 5. Februar 2018 01:34

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  • Your lookup names need to be unique. So in this case the Vehical Maker entity must have one record with the name Volvo, Toyota etc.

    But you can add multiple references for the lookup. See this thread:


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