SyncToy wants to overwrite a newer file with an older version RRS feed

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  • As the title says: SyncToy wants to overwrite a newer file with an older one. Why is this and how do I fix this if it re-occurs? I know I could fix the file manually, but what if multiple files or even multiple sync jobs were affected?

    The file in question is an MP3. The "left" file (Windows PC) has a Modification date of 25 May 2020 while the "right" file (Ubuntu server via SMB) is dated 7 May 2020, yet for some reason SyncToy want's to overwrite the newer "left" file with the old "right" file. I would attach screenshots but the verification process is stupid.

    As you can probably tell by the fact that SyncToy wants to go right-to-left, the job is a "Synchronize" job. I have used this mode intentionally as I sometimes correct metadata on Plex (right) instead of iTunes (left), though that's not the case with this file which has only ever been edited in iTunes on the left side (hence why it is newer).

    As a side note: I also regularly see SyncToy overwrite files that are 100% identical (including CAM dates and checksums), though I'm aware that is a known issue. (Not very good for SSD longevity may I add.) The above, however, seems to be a new issue.



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