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  • We have a small cluster with Windows Server 2016 compute nodes, and we have created a .NET 4.8 console application that will run as a parametric sweep task in a job.  We use a Node Prep task that will copy the application and supporting files from a share on the head node to %TEMP%\%ccp_jobid%\.  The task command lines are set to run the program from this location.  Then there is a node release task that will clean that directory up.

    Most of the time this works correctly. Every now and then though, one task will fail with a message like this: 

    This version of C:\Users\[executingUser]\AppData\Local\Temp\27218\[appdir]\[appname].exe is not compatible with the version of Windows you're running. Check your computer's system information and then contact the software publisher. 

    Each node can run 4 of these tasks at a time. For this instance of the error, this happened on the first task that tried to run on a certain node.  The entire job was cancelled in response to this, so no other tasks ran on this node.

    But I have seen this error one other time with a different .NET 4.8 application, where we allow individual tasks to fail without the job failing.  These tasks are just basic tasks, but each node can still run either 2 or 4 tasks concurrently.  In that case, the first task on a node failed with that error message, but then other tasks that were assigned to that node ran correctly.

    The node prep task is calling a Powershell script that creates the directory in the temp folder, and copies the files. Is it possible that the copy operation doesn't finish before the other tasks are started? The only thing I ever find when searching for this error message is a lot of questions about running 16 bit applications on 64 bit windows, which is not what is happening here.  The application will definitely run correctly on the machines.

    Friday, July 31, 2020 10:41 AM