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    In our application we are using VB script to display data (echoing values of counters) from WMI classes on a Windows 2k3 Server x64 bit machine. We are calling this VB script from a batch file, which is in turn used by the application. We have tried following scenarios platform wise:


    1)      We have tested this on Windows 2k8 E Server x64 bit machine and we are able to see data on the UI.

    2)      We were not able to see data on UI, when we tested it on Windows 2k3 enterprise server x64 bit machine.

    3)      We tried echoing data on win 2k3 x64 machine (after dumping dummy values) from batch file directly and we are able to see data on our UI.

    4)      When we double clicked the VB script we were getting data as a popup.

    5)      Even when we run the script using command prompt it was running all ok.

    6)      After this we called bat file from command prompt which internally calls VB script and we were getting data on the command prompt.

    But we are failing when the application is fetching data using batch file (that calls VB script to fetch values of counters from WMI classes). It seems data echoed from VB script is not forwarded to batch file and hence it is not carried to our UI.
    Thursday, June 4, 2009 4:16 PM


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