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  • (STATS: Windows 7 Home Premium, SP1, AMD Athlon II X2 245 Processor 2.9 GHz, 2.00 GB, 32-bit OS)

    For some reason my applications that were once white are now pink; I'm assuming due to some recent updates to Windows 7 but I can't be sure. They're not, you know, bright pink, but more of a glowish tint. Not EVERYTHING that was white is pink.

    • For example, I'm looking at this reply box page right now. The background of this webpage is still white, however the toolbar (B I U (back) (forward) etc.) and the scroll bar are pink. My IE favourites tool bar is also pink. My Outlook is pink. Just some examples.


    I'm not sure if it's due to an update. I tested it and installed all of the same optional updates on my laptop (which is also Windows 7, though about a year or so older) and it remains normal.

    Things I've tried: I tried adjusting some color profiles. I rolled back my video card update. Calibrated color.

    Every time I adjusted something I reverted back if it didn't work.

    I've looked around, finding very few forum threads of those who have the same problem and the only "solution" I've been able to find is to restore my computer to before the update was installed.

    I'm aware of the possibility that it may be my monitor, though I'd like to think that's not it considering my monitor isn't even two years old yet (though I've seen newer hardware crash and burn before). I'm leaving that possibility for last since I don't have an extra monitor on hand to check.

    (FYI: No, this is not a problem that can be solved by "Personalizing")

    Any suggestions would be helpfull. Thanks!


    I uploaded a screenshot of the pink to photobucket: http://i296.photobucket.com/albums/mm175/KARMANIAC/Pink.jpg

    Wednesday, May 4, 2011 3:46 PM