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  • Hello, 


    I have set up a GPO that implements a software restriction policy on my workstation (to test).

    It allows to limit the paths on which files (.exe, .bat,...) can be executed. The concerned paths are the following ones: 


    -C:\Program Files

    -C:\Program Files (x86)

    As well as the use of the command prompt/PowerShell with dedicated rules. 

    The goal is to prevent the execution / installation of unauthorized software. 

    Example: Running AnyDesk / Installing Spotify

    My problem:

    Some applications such as Google Chrome and Microsoft Teams are located in the Users folder (C:\Users), so for these software to work I need to add a rule per path for each software.

    This "solves the problem" in the sense that the software runs again but the blocking of the execution of programs of type .exe/.bat... at the level of its paths is no longer effective. 

    This means that for example if the exe of AnyDesk / Spotify is moved in one of these 2 paths it is then executable / installable


    Attempted but not conclusive solution:

    - Set up a rule per certificate for Google Chrome and Microsoft Teams, it works but sometimes blocks the use of the software


    Do you know how to solve my problem? 

    PS: I can't use AppLocker



    Monday, December 5, 2022 4:05 PM

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    Wednesday, December 7, 2022 11:01 AM
  •  Try these common Chrome crash fixes

    Close other tabs, extensions, and apps. 
    Restart Chrome. 
    Restart your computer
    Check for malware. 
    Open the page in another browser. 
    Fix network issues and report website problems. 
    Fix problem apps (Windows computers only) 
    Check to see if Chrome is already open.


    Rachel Gomez

    Friday, December 16, 2022 5:51 AM
  • As a Chrome administrator, you can use the DownloadRestrictions policy to prevent users from downloading dangerous files, such as malware or infected files. Applies to Windows users who sign in to a managed account on Chrome browser. As an administrator, you can configure Chrome Browser settings on Microsoft® ...

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