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  • My P.C crashed could not recover or repair the O.S so I had to reinstall XP from scrach. I did back up what I could on the network so I have a copy of my .PST file from Outlook Express 6 e-mail. I have tried to restore it following the import on the file menu in OE 6. But when I enter the folder that contains the .PST file I get the message

    " No messages can be found in this folder or another application is running that has required files open. Please select another folder or try closing applications that may have files open."

    I have read that the read only box should not be ticked, but when I un-tick it, it just re-enter's the tick.

    I have created a new folder (Mail Backup) and all that is in the folder is the ,PST file.

    I would like to warn your reader's about loading the Acer G245HQ monitor driver, this is what crashed my system.

    After running the driver from the Acer disc the system crashed and nothing I did would restore it even trying all the F8 restore options nothing would worked.

    Thank you for any help given

    2011. október 28., péntek 13:34


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  • Answers is probably a better place to ask this question:   These forums are for developer/itpro issues specifically.
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    2011. október 28., péntek 15:49
  • Step 1. Run Outlook application and go to File menu.

    Step 2. Click Open & Export >> select Import/Export

    Step 3. Select “Export to a file” option and click Next.

    Step 4. Choose “Comma Separated Values” and click Next.

    Step 5. Select folder in which you want to export and hit Next.

    Step 6. Click Browse and select location to save file.

    Step 7. Click on the Finish button.

    Step 8. Now, run your Outlook Express.

    Step 9. Click File>> Import>> Other Address Book.

    Step 10. Select Text File and click Next.

    Step 11. Find your file you exported from Outlook and click Next.

    Step 12. Click on Map the CSV files to the correct address book fields box.

    Step 13. Click “Import This Field” and hit on the Finish button.

    Hope You Find This Useful,


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  • Windows XP ???
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