I am not able to play Wealth Words? RRS feed

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  • Me and my sister have same phone1020 lumia windows phone i.e . After my recent update. i am not able to play 

    whenever I click the play button, the graphics become too large, whereas the rest of the site working fine.

    But when i tried the same with my sister's cell. Its working fine.
    2019. június 11., kedd 6:04

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  • Carol some days before it happend with me too. Kindly clear the cache and cookies of your browser and reload the website i.e again

    If u still have a problem kindly update your browser and then try. Moreover before clearing the cache checkout - is the blogging section i.e  working fine. If yes then i m sure clearing cache it will fix your problem, If not then kindly update your browser.

    • Szerkesztette: Shiva Ji 2019. június 11., kedd 7:19
    2019. június 11., kedd 7:03