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  • Hi,

    We are encountering following error  when submitting SMP Dyna jobs on a windows HPC server 2016 version.

    forrtl: severe (47): write to READONLY file, unit 13, file  \\workingdirectory details

    The user submitting the job has the required permission to create/edit files in working directory

    We also observe following entry made to Windows Events Log when we submit the jobThe application-specific permission settings do not grant Local Activation Permission for the COM Server Application with CLSID xxx and AppID xxxx to the User xxx SID {xxx} from address LocalHost (Using LRPC) running in the application container Unavailable SID (unavailable). This security permission can be modified using the Component Service Administrator Tool.”

    Any help with this would be appreciated.

    Rabu, 19 Februari 2020 11.20

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  • Hi Ashmrao,

    The error looks the application was trying to write a readonly file according to the error message. Do you know the details of the file path?

    Is the job constantly failure due to the error? Could you share the error code/message of the task? Meanwhile what's the HPC Pack version on this cluster?

    The error event log is DCOM permission issue. Not sure if it is related to the SMP Dyna application.


    Yutong Sun

    Kamis, 20 Februari 2020 03.22
  • Hi Yutong,

    Yes , I know the path, it is \\audnstap906\PrimCAE\Arao\Job263\file.outmain its a server path, user is given access.

    The job fails immediately fails after submission. 

    The error message "1 task failed with exit code 47"

    "Task failed during execution with exit code . Please check task's output for error details."

    The log file shows, 

    forrtl: severe (47): write to READONLY file, unit 13, file \\audnstap906\PrimCAE\Arao\Job263\file.outmain

    Image              PC                Routine            Line        Source             
    ls-dyna_smp_d_R91  00007FF78A3D6FD7  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown
    ls-dyna_smp_d_R91  00007FF78A3D3BC3  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown
    ls-dyna_smp_d_R91  00007FF78808F2D6  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown
    ls-dyna_smp_d_R91  00007FF78806DE45  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown
    ls-dyna_smp_d_R91  00007FF78806CA80  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown
    ls-dyna_smp_d_R91  00007FF788023CB7  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown
    ls-dyna_smp_d_R91  00007FF781AABE3F  BANNER                     37  banner.F
    ls-dyna_smp_d_R91  00007FF781BB11FA  QLINK                    1202  atemp.F
    ls-dyna_smp_d_R91  00007FF781AA95FF  LSDYNA1                   549  dynm.F
    ls-dyna_smp_d_R91  00007FF781AA9356  MAIN__                   1563  dynm.F
    ls-dyna_smp_d_R91  00007FF78A3F28DC  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown
    ls-dyna_smp_d_R91  00007FF78A3B317F  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown
    KERNEL32.DLL       00007FFA32AF84D4  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown
    ntdll.dll          00007FFA34BCE851  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown

    The HPC pack version HPC 2016 Update 3 (5.3.6435.0)

    We are able to run the MPP version through Windows HPC, The issue is with SMP and shows the same error.

    Kamis, 20 Februari 2020 04.50
  • Hi Yutong.

    Any insight or suggestion on this issue.



    Senin, 24 Februari 2020 05.19
  • Hi Yutong,

    Any insight on this?

    Rabu, 26 Februari 2020 04.01
  • Hi Ashmrao,

    The error forrtl: severe (47): write to READONLY file looks a write permission issue. It could be related to SMP version of Dyna. You may try to run it without HPC Pack and see if the error reproes. You may also use Process Monitor tool to check which process is locking the file.


    Yutong Sun 

    Jumat, 28 Februari 2020 10.42
  • Thanks, Yutong.

    Selasa, 03 Maret 2020 07.18