How to report spam RRS feed

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  • Over the last several months we have been making improvements to our spam mitigation solution. Although it is not perfect, we are continuously investing in our solution to detect spam and reduce the time it takes to detect spam posts with as little legitimate user impact.

    In order to optimize our detection we will be locking the “Report Spam Here” threads. If you do encounter spam we encourage you to use the “Report as abuse” feature. This feature is located under each thread.

    Simply select the appropriate category of abuse and we will be directly notified that there is active spam on the site. We will then take the appropriate action including deleting the posts and banning the user. This method gives us quicker visibility. In addition, by consolidating our mechanisms for reporting spam we will be able to take action quicker and reduce the time it takes to remove spam.

    Thank you for helping ensure the quality of Forums!

    Forums Program Manager

    Jumat, 18 Oktober 2013 21.55