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  • Hello,

    I want to create a HPC job that blocks certain nodes. This should prevent other jobs from starting on these nodes in a given time. During this time these nodes are used for other tasks (without the Job Scheduler).

    An example is:

    New-HpcJob -Name "test" -NumNodes 2 -RequestedNodes "Node1,Node2" -RunTime 30 -NotifyOnStart $True -EmailAddress "mail@server.com" | Add-HpcTask -Name "Sweep Task" -Parametric -Command "oneMinute.bat" -End 30

    This should start a dummy task "oneMinute" and repeat it 30 times. The .bat file contains "timeout /t 60" to pause for 60 seconds. But the command hase no effect.

    Is there a other option to create a dumy-block-job?


    Selasa, 03 Maret 2020 09.05


  • Hi andigx,

    You may just use -RunUntilCanceled with New-HpcJob without adding any tasks, e.g. 

    New-HpcJob -Name "test" -NumNodes 2 -RequestedNodes "Node1,Node2" -RunTime 30 -NotifyOnStart $True -EmailAddress "mail@server.com" -RunUntilCanceled | Submit-HpcJob

    The job would hold the resources from other low priority jobs.

    Another way is to bring these nodes offline if you are cluster admin, so the nodes won't be allocated to any jobs.


    Yutong Sun

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